NutriMix is designed to provide accurate fertilizer and acid control

with minimum expenses and intervention.

The system is including 200 liter mixing tank which is part of the main line

and mix all the irrigation water with the injected fertilizer and acid.

The NutriMix is suitable for flow rates of up to 70m³/h (310gpm)

Each dosing channel is equipped with a visual flow meter and
can deliver 5-1000 l/h of fertilizer or acid.

The system includes EC & pH control with option for dual EC & pH control.

  • Quick-action dosing valves: 0.4sec on/off time
  • High-quality PVC fittings
  • Aluminum, corrosion-resistant frame with adjustable legs
  • System pump:
    • Lowara HM series for flow rate range of 5-20m³/h (20-90gpm)
    • Lowara SV Series for flow rate range of 20-70m³/h (90-310gpm)

Optional to add a filling pump by request

The filling pump deliver the water from a storage tank to the system’s mixing tank

  • Significant improvement in crop quality and yield
  • Reduction of fertilizer and energy consumption
  • System Reliability and Longevity
  • Easy to install and maintain system
  • Rapid Return On Investment due to accuracy and fertilizer saving
  • EC & pH Measurement and Control
  • In-house Development
  • User Friendly Fertigation Controllers
  • Covering wide range of applications from 0.1Ha to 5Ha of Grennhouses and Nurseries
  • After Sales Service
  • Two years warranty
  • Modular Nutrigation system
  • Built around Aluminum platform
  • Minimal investment requirement
  • Quantitative or proportional Fertigation capabilities
  • Accurate EC and pH control
  • Minimum maintenance required – Venturi injectors with no moving parts
  • Highly accurate dosing channels
  • Fast and efficient Fertigation recipe adjustments
  • 200 liter mixing tank for better homogeneous of fertilizer and acid
  • Plug&Play system with system pump and filling pump
  • Easy integration into existing irrigation systems with third-party irrigation controllers
Technical specifications
Features Standard Optional
Controller Talgil Dream II, Talgil Sapir, Munters Greenfiled, Munters ECO,
, Motorola Irrinet, Gavish
HORTIMAX, Third party
EC&pH Control Single EC&pH control Dual EC&pH conmtrol
Dosing channels
  • PVC Venturi: 50-1000l/h (10-256gph)
  • Visual Area flow meter: PVC
  • Needle valve for Venturi calibration
  • Angle model Non-Return valve
  • Quick action dosing solenoids
  • Gasket: EPDM and VITON
PVDF Venturi: 50l/h Gaskets and O-ring: VITON
Main line flow rate 5-70m³/h
System pump Up to 20m³/h: Lowara HM##

From 20-70m³/h: Lowara SV##

VFD pump control (Variable Frequency Drive)
System pressure 2-5 Bar(30-75 psi) Up to 10 Bar(145 psi)
Inlet/Outlet connection Up to 20m³/h: 63mm PVC Adaptor union (2″)

20-70m³/h: 3″-4″ PVC Flange

16-18mm Hose Nozzle with adaptor
Fertilizer & Acid channel range
Type Venturi flow rate Dosing valve Optional – Fertilizer meter
Electric 50-1000l/h (10-265gph) Up to 600l/h: FIP S12

600-1000l/h: FIP S22

Up to 600l/h: 3/4″ Arad SF model

600-1000l/h: 1″ Arad PB model

Hydraulic 50-1000l/h (10-265gph) Amiad Normally Close + Baccara Solenoid Up to 600l/h: 3/4″ Arad SF model

600-1000l/h: 1″ Arad PB model

Manual 50-1000l/h (10-265gph) Manual Needle Valve Up to 600l/h: 3/4″ Arad SF model

600-1000l/h: 1″ Arad PB model

Size in mm