Nutrikit Bypass

Nutrikit Bypass is designed to provide accurate fertilizer and acid control with
minimum expenses and intervention. The system is suitable for flow rates of
up to 240m3/h. Each dosing channel is equipped with a visual flow meter and
can deliver 50-600 l/h of fertilizer or acid. EC & pH measurement and control is
optional and can be easily added to the system.


  • Quick-action dosing valves: 0.4sec on/off time
  • High-quality PVC fittings
  • Aluminum, corrosion-resistant frame with
    adjustable legs
  • Standard Booster pumps: Lowara HM Series
  • Optional booster pump: according customer request
  • Significant improvement in crop quality and yield
  • Reduction of fertilizer and energy consumption
  • System Reliability and Longevity
  • Easy to install and maintain system
  • Rapid Return On Investment due to accuracy and fertilizer saving
  • EC & pH Measurement and Control
  • In-house Development
  • User Friendly Fertigation Controllers
  • Covering wide range of applications from 0.1Ha to 200Ha of Open fields,
  • Orchards, Greenhouses Etc’
  • After Sales Service
  • Two years warranty
  • Modular Nutrigation system
  • Built around Aluminum platform
  • Minimal investment requirement
  • Quantitative or proportional Fertigation capabilities
  • Accurate EC and pH control
  • Minimum maintenance required – Venturi injectors with no moving parts
  • Highly accurate dosing channels
  • Fast and efficient Fertigation recipe adjustments
  • Manual or fully automated operations
  • Easy integration into existing irrigation systems with third-party irrigation controllers
Technical Specifications


Features Standard Optional
Controller Talgil Dream II, Talgil Sapir, Munters Greenfiled, Munters ECO,
, Motorola Irrinet, Gavish
HORTIMAX, Third party
EC&pH Control Single EC&pH control Dual EC&pH control
Main line flow rate 5m³/h – 240m³/h (20gpm – 1050gpm)

calculated according to dosing ratio of 2,5l/m³ (fert/water) per dosing channel

Dosing channels
  • PVC Venturi: 50-600l/h
  • Visual Area flow meter: PVC
  • Needle valve for Venturi calibration
  • Angle model Non-Return valve
  • Quick action dosing solenoids
  • Gasket: EPDM and VITON
PVDF Venturi: 50l/h

Gaskets and O-ring: VITON

Dosing booster Lowara 5HM06P, 3*380-415V/50Hz, 1.5kw

Lowara 5HM04P, 3*440-480V/60Hz, 1.5kw

 5HM##, According to main line pressure
System pressure 2-5 Bar

(30-75 psi)

Up to 10 Bar

(145 psi)

Inlet/Outlet connection PVC Adaptor union: 50*1.5” male threaded Inlet: 1.5” Pressure reducing valve
Outlet: 1.5” Pressure sustaining valve
Fertilizer channels connection 16-18mm Hose Nozzle with adaptor


Fertilizer & Acid dosing channel range


Type Venturi flow rate Dosing valve Optional – Fertilizer meter
Electric 50-600l/h (10-160gph) FIP S12 3/4″ Arad SF model
Hydraulic 50-600l/h (10-160gph) Amiad Normally Close + Baccara Solenoid 3/4″ Arad SF model
Manual 50-600l/h (10-160gph) Manual Needle Valve 3/4″ Arad SF model

Sizes in millimeter

Package Size
Length 110 cm (43″)
Width 110 cm (43″)
Height 150 cm (59″)
Weight 140 kg (310lbs)